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DISPATCHED dispatching software.

Dispatched is software designed for the service related industry.  By utilizing customer information and placing this information on a map of your city, you can accurately dispatch service vehicles and personnel to an exact location without wasting time looking for an address or fumbling through paperwork.  Just double click the work order on the map and dispatch it to a service crew.  Dispatched is software loaded with everything you need to efficiently manage your service oriented business.

Key Benefits

Detailed Customer Information -- Every customer form contains detailed customer information you currently need and use.  However, you also get "notification" standard with Dispatched.  This allows you to customize customer information and notify a salesman if a work order is taken for a specific customer, or notify accounting if a work order is taken for a customer that has not paid their last bill, etc.  Screen Shot
Exact geographic location of every work order -- Every work order that is placed in a location specified to be on the dispatched map will be displayed on a detailed map.  The map can be customized to display all work orders or specific work orders within a geographic region.  Thus, you can dispatch straight off of a map of your city. Screen Shot
Track service vehicle location -- All crews are displayed on the dispatched map showing their current location.  This is especially helpful in dispatching, because you can see where a crew is in relation to the nearest work order.  By simply clicking the work order on the map and checking dispatched, the map automatically updates and displays the crew location at the work order. Screen Shot
Track service call locations on a detailed map -- The dispatched map will display all service calls set for today on a detailed map.  When a new service order is added the map will update and display a yellow dot identifying the service call at the exact address you typed in.  When your next service crew calls in you just click on the dispatched map, zoom in to the nearest yellow dot and you can give detailed directions to your service crew.  Double click on the yellow dot and it pulls up the service order with all the information on it. Screen Shot
Track order intake locations on a detailed map -- The dispatched map will display all order intakes set for today on a detailed map.  When a new order intake is added the map will update and display a blue dot identifying the work order at the exact address you typed in.  When you get ready to dispatch all your crews each morning, pull up the dispatched map and you will see exactly where each new install (order intake) is.  Double click on the blue dot and it pulls up the order intake with all the information on it.  Screen Shot
Notifies key personnel of new work orders -- If you designate a location to notify a user of a new work order placed in their location (location is basically a folder) it will do so.  You can notify any or all users of a new work order.  For instance if you wish to notify your salesperson and the supervisor that a new work order has been taken and placed in the salesperson's estimate folder, simply click on the edit locations tab and choose who to notify.  Screen Shot
Detailed reports by customer, employee, or location -- Run detailed reports, such as order intakes by customer, service orders by employee, pending invoices report, etc.  Each report is printable, easy to read, and provides valuable information on customers, employees, work orders, and valuable information you use to make business decisions.  Screen Shot
...and so much more!  Product Overview

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